Unique patented vibratory media and process- UK Patent no. GB2453030  

Vibro finishing

Vibratory (vibro) finishing is a type of surface finishing used in manufacturing processes to either, de-burr, radius, de-scale, burnish, de-grease, brighten or polish large numbers of components.

In this batch-type operation, specially shaped and graded pellets of abrasive “media” and the components are placed into the tub of a vibratory finishing machine. Water, and a specially formulated liquid compound are introduced at a measured level and the tub and all its contents are vibrated. This agitation causes the media to rub against the components until the desired result or finish is achieved. The parts can then be unloaded (either manually or automatically) and go to the next stage which usually involves a dryer.

The short video to the left helps illustrate the principle.

This type of surface finishing has been around for many, many years, dating back to Roman times when objects were placed with stones into barrels and then rolled down hills to provided very basic types of polishing and de-burring. The last century saw the introduction of both specially made and controlled ceramic and polymer (plastic) media, both continuing into the 21st century.

The types of machine shown below are all commonly used across the world for this type of abrasive operation.

Vibraglaz®, the 21st Century alternative, is compatible with all types of vibratory equipment.


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