Unique patented vibratory media and process - UK Patent no. GB2453030  

Vibraglaz Liquid Compounds

Our liquid compounds are specially formulated to work with the unique Vibraglaz® media. In keeping with the Vibraglaz® ethos, the compounds are all fully bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Using only the highest quality surfactants, the Vibraglaz Liquid Compound range ensures that no waste material (no matter how small) removed during the vibratory process, will be re-deposited on the work-piece itself.

The introductory range offers two types, VLC 100 and VLC 200



VLC 100 has been developed to work with ferrous components – offers all-round corrosion protection whilst at the same time ensures no re-depositing of waste removal. Highly suitable for de-burring and radiussing applications.


VLC 200 is suitable for non-ferrous parts and gives good cleaning and brightening results on most materials. No re-depositing of waste removal back onto parts, ensuring no problems for next process.

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