Unique patented vibratory media and process - UK Patent no. GB2453030  

Welcome to Vibraglaz®

Vibraglaz® is an innovative new form of abrasive media, made specifically for the well-established global mass finishing market. Developed over the past 9 years - exploiting new technological advances - the media delivers excellent performance, whilst at the same time fulfilling responsibilities asked of industry to protect the environment and conserve world natural deposits.

Unique, in having been granted a UK patent (GB2453030) for “Finishing medium and process” and with international filings for patent having taken place throughout the world, it is the first genuine new media (and process) to hit the market in over 40 years.

Trials with major sectors of industry, including aerospace and bio-medical, have proved positive in terms of cutting and/or polishing ability, longevity and user friendliness amongst other factors.

Vibraglaz® can be recycled at the end of its working life, unlike conventional media (predominantly ceramic and polymer) which become costly trade waste.

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