Unique patented vibratory media and process - UK Patent no. GB2453030  

The photos below were taken using 60 times magnification to show the spread and depth of abrasive content for plastic media, ceramic media and Vibraglaz®.



The cross-section of the polymer shows very few abrasive particles and then when exposed may become detached from the main body of the work-piece quite quickly.  


The ceramic shows a very different picture - the abrasive particles are more concentrated but careful examination shows that many are below the surface i.e. the ceramic itself is in contact with the component, eventually giving way to the abrasive cutting edge. As with the plastic, the particles may too become detached from the work-piece all too soon.

Vibraglaz® is a totally different concept – no abrasive particles are added, but “crystals” are developed using heat treatment. These crystals are not as hard as the abrasives used in either plastic or ceramic manufacture but they are ever-present throughout the media as the photograph shows. This extent of coverage ensures maximum abrasive contact with the work-piece at all times and with no concern as to abrasive particle loss.


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    Photographs reproduced by kind permission from Liverpool John Moores University  




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