Unique patented vibratory media and process - UK Patent no. GB2453030  

Why is Vibraglaz® different?

Vibraglaz® differs from the 2 main types of conventional media in 5 distinct ways:

  • It does not rely on a binder to hold the abrasive particles – instead, glass particles are heat-treated to achieve both a permanent bond throughout, along with the desired rate of crystalinity to provide the requisite abrasive grade.
  • Conventional media only uses a percentage of recognised abrasives (Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Quartz etc) to be added to the clay or polymer binder - Vibraglaz® is 100% glass throughout.
  • The density of Vibraglaz® is in-between ceramic and plastic – it is robust enough to abrade tougher materials but equally capable of being less harsh on softer metals and alloys.
  • Vibraglaz® does not rely on any use of the earth’s natural reserves (China clay, oil etc) for the source of its raw materials – instead, specially selected glass particles are used; this cullet would otherwise have gone to landfill.
  • At the end of its working life cycle, Vibraglaz® can be re-cycled, unlike traditional media which becomes trade waste.

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